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Be the first to hear the Gallup-Palmer Year-Three Study results Home   /   2017   /   June   /   26   /   Be the first to hear the Gallup-Palmer Year Three Study results Be the first to hear the Gallup-Palmer Year Three Study results June 26, 2017 · by minda · in Alumni , Chiropractic , Davenport Campus , Featured , Homecoming “The chiropractic profession has an opportunity to position itself as a drug-free option for pain management,” does chiropractic work says Cynthia English, M.P.P., from the Gallup Organization. Ms. English will disclose the results from the Gallup-Palmer year three study of Americans at this year’s Palmer Davenport Homecoming, Aug. 10-12. Many Americans suffer from neck and back pain, and most say that they’d prefer to try other ways to treat the pain before resorting to prescription medication, according the third-annual Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic survey of Americans. You’ll learn key opportunities for the profession at a time when growing concerns about opioid abuse cause individuals to seek drug-free alternatives. The research explores Americans’ perceptions of chiropractic care as an alternative to prescription pain medication. You’ll also gain insight into what prevents some people from seeking chiropractic care. Register early for $375 and save $100! Discounted pricing is available for 25- and 50-year alumni, new graduates, chiropractic staff, faculty and students. Early registration ends July 21.

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